The race series shall consist of races from each state in the region. The SERCS races are chosen by the Southeast Region Board of Directors, and must be sanctioned events by USA Triathlon. The races chosen are considered to be in good standing. Eligible races are triathlons, duathlons, aquabikes, and aquathons. Only clubs registered and in good standing with USAT are eligible to participate.



The SERCS will consist of three categories – Small Club, Large Club, and High Performance. The small club (50 members) and large club (>50 members) category is based on participation, while the high performance category is based on top performance. Clubs can participate in both the small/large club category and the high performance category. Each race, clubs will be awarded points based on the scoring system described in Section 3. A Club’s total score will be the sum of their scores at all SERCS races. That way, every race counts towards the team’s total. There will not be a championship event. In the event that the SERCS ends in a tie, then a tiebreaker will be used to determine the overall champion:

1.) Number of SERCS events that the club competed in during the season.

  • Highest score at any SERCS race event, then 2nd highest score, then 3rd, … until the tie is broken.



Each Club is responsible for submitting (by the club president or his/her appointee) a score sheet for their club within 14 days after the race results are posted. Scoring is done differently for the small/large club category and the high performance category. Scores for both categories should be entered on the same score sheet. Scores for different races should be submitted on separate score sheets.


“Small Club” and “Large Club” Category

Scoring for “Small Club” and “Large Club” category shall be comprised of three elements: Number of Participants (Finishers), Travel Distance (miles), and Race Type (Sprint, Intermediate/Olympic, Half).


Team Score = (# Finishers) x (Travel Distance Multiplier) x (Race Type Multiplier) for each race distance at the event. A racer receiving a DQ or a DNF does not count as a finisher.


“High Performance” Category

Scoring for “High Performance” category shall be comprised of three elements: Performance of Top 5 club members, Travel Distance (miles), and Race Type (Sprint, Intermediate/Olympic, Half).


Team Score = Sum of TOP 5 Individual scores

Individual Score = (Performance Multiplier) x (Travel Distance Multiplier) x (Race Type Multiplier) for race distance listed in SERCS schedule. If fewer than 5 club members qualify for a performance multiplier, then the Team Score will be based on fewer than 5 Individual scores.


Team Entries: A club that finishes a race in a Team Entry Category shall be scored as an individual finish. All the members of this Team Entry must be a Club Member.


Multiple Scheduled SERCS Races at Same Venue: If multiple SERCS races options take place at the same venue, (i.e. Intermediate Race and Sprint Race, Duathlon, Auqabike, etc..), then the Small Club and Large Club Category scores will include the finishers from all distances and types of races in the Team Score. For example, if an event offers an Olympic distance and a Half distance, then participation would be counted from both races. However, for the High Performance Category, only the race distance listed in the SERCS schedule will be counted towards the Team Score. For example, if an event offers an Olympic distance and a Half distance (Half is listed as race distance on SERCS schedule), then only points from the Half would be counted in the High Performance score.


  1. Travel Distance Multiplier (TDM)

TDM = 1.0 for 150 miles (or less)

TDM = miles/150 for greater than 150 miles


Travel distance (miles) is based on the shortest distance between the club’s home city (as registered with USAT) and the race site as determined by Map Quest ( and rounded to a whole number.


  1. Race Type Multiplier (RTM)

RTM = 1 for Sprint Events (top amateur’s finish time less than 1 ½ hour)

RTM = 2 for Intermediate Events (top amateur’s finish time less than 2 ½ hours)

RTM = 3 for Long Events (top amateur’s finish time less than 5 hours)

RTM = 4 for Ultra Events (top amateur’s finish time exceeds 5 hours)


  1. Performance Multiplier = an individual’s performance relative to their award category.


Performance Multiplier Award Recognition
PMF = 6.0 1st Overall OR 1st Masters OR 1st Elite OR 1st Pro
PMF = 5.0 2nd Overall OR 2nd Masters OR 2nd Elite OR 2nd Pro
PMF = 4.0 3rd Overall OR 3rd Masters OR 3rd Elite OR 3rd Pro
PMF = 3.0 1st Age Group OR 1st Clydesdale/Athena OR 1st Relay OR 1st Paratriathlon
PMF = 2.0 2nd Age Group OR 2nd Clydesdale/Athena OR 2nd Relay OR 2nd Paratriathlon
PMF = 1.0 3rd Age Group OR 3rd Clydesdale/Athena OR 3rd Relay OR 3rd Paratriathlon


Since Race Directors do not all use the same group classifications, the SERCS Score sheets shall be adapted to each Race Director’s classification choices. Any classification of racers (except “Novice” and “Fat Tire”) that is used by a Race Director for awards is considered separately if the Race Director provides awards for those groups separately. The “OVERALL” category will include “Overall”, “Masters”, “Elite”, and “Pro”. The “AGE GROUP” category will include “Age Group”, “Clydesdale”, “Athena”, “Team Relay”, and “Paratriathlon”. If a race director does not recognize a certain category, then no points are awarded for that category.


  1. Roster Requirements: As awards are based on club size, each club is responsible to submit a club membership roster prior to the club’s first SERCS race. Updates are due from each participating club at least three (3) days prior to any race in which the club competes. The classification of a club will be based on the largest size a club achieves during a year. Rosters need to be submitted on the Roster Template provided by USAT-SE and sent via email to clubs@usat‑ (please copy Clubs must include all members even if the members do not compete. Each club must be sure that finishers listed on their score sheet are not also shown as a finisher for another club. If the Club Committee finds this to be the case, then that individuals’ results will not be counted until the individual declares their club loyalty. All finishers included on a score sheet must be a member of that club on the day of the race. No person may participate on behalf of more than one club during the season; they will be considered a member of the club with which they first competed.




For the 2015 series, awards will be given for (1) small club (less than 50 members) participation category, (2) large club (50 or more members) participation category, (3) high performance (any size) category.


Awards Small Clubs Large Clubs High Performance
1st Place $300 $400 $300
2nd Place $200 $300 $200
3rd Place $100 $200 $100


The first place club from each category will also receive a banner.


Clubs must be within the Southeast Region and be registered with the USA Triathlon.



If an event cannot be completed due to rain or other unforeseen circumstances, the SERCS score sheets shall be recorded with provisions as follows:

  1. If any SERCS series race is replaced with an alternate multisport race, then the published race results will be accepted and scoring can be completed as shown in Item 3. SCORING.
  2. If a multisport race is replaced with a single-sport race (i.e. run only), then the published race results will be accepted, and scoring will be completed as shown in Item 3. SCORING, and the Race Type Multiplier shall equal 1 (Sprint).
  3. If a regular season series race is cancelled completely, then no score sheets will be accepted for that race, and no Club Points will be awarded for that race.
  4. Rules 1 thru 3 above are intended for races that are downgraded or cancelled due to weather. The SERCS will not adapt itself to races that are rescheduled to another date.



To ensure that all Score sheets are submitted in a timely manner, all score sheets must be sent to the SERCS Coordinator via email at (please copy no more than 14 days after the race results are posted. Score sheets received after 14 days will receive no credit.





Jim Boylan

USAT SE Clubs Program Manager

Coordinator, USAT Southeast Regional Club Series (SERCS)

(404) 353-4700